Artificial Comedians

When AIs come onto the scene, they will replace our comedians, our on-air personalities, our actors and actresses.  we will love them because they are so smart and so funny and witty, and they will make the rest of us, actual humans, seem like humourless dolts.

Perhaps humans will use those personalities in their virtual assistants.  So all day long, as we wear our Google Glass, we can be accompanied by wisecracking assistants to make our day more enjoyable.  I can't wait.

Bob Sacomano

Technical analysis, trying to glean patterns from the buying and selling activity of many different agents with various motivations, is kind of like trying to get useful information about the distribution of appearances of mentions of unseen character "Bob Sacomano" on Seinfeld, who is mentioned perhaps a dozen times throughout the run of the show.

By which I mean, the pattern is not there for any good reason; they just decided to use Bob Sacomano whenever it was funny or appropriate.  Looking at the past distribution of "Bob Sacomano" would not help you to predict the next time they will use that character.

Ten Thousand Days Alive!

Today is my ten thousandth day alive.  I'd like to thank my parents for making this day possible. Our culture doesn't celebrate this day but I wanted to start - after all, celebrating birthdays is equally arbitrary. I think this will be a very lucky day, and I wish you all the best!

Michael "Myriad" Currie